Enterprise appraisal solutions designed to simplify your business processes.

The GSA CAMA suite is comprised of seventeen unique modules. All end – user access is via web browser using an SSL encrypted connection, so there is no installation required on desktop machines and data securely travels across the network.

The application is designed for intuitive navigation utilizing popular web – browser conventions to which users are already accustomed. The full CAMA suite consists of the following:

  • RMA: Real Estate Mass Appraisal and Assessment (included)
  • PMA: Personal Property Appraisal and Assessment (included)
  • BOE: Hearings Management and Scheduling (included)
  • RATIOS: Interactive Sales Ratio Studies (included)
  • ROLL: Tax Roll Processing and Administrative Functions (included)
  • USER: User Security and Administration (included)
  • RTM: Real Estate Configuration and Table Maintenance (included)
  • PTM: Personal Property Configuration and Table Maintenance (included)
  • WSERV: Web Service Integration to Back – end Systems (included)
  • PORTAL : Public Portal for Record Search and GIS (optional)
  • iPhone: iPhone Exemption Application Submission App (optional)
  • Android: Android Exemption Application Submission App (optional)
  • MOBILE: Mobile Assessor Integration for Field Data Collection (optional)
  • FIELD: Browser – based Field Collection System (optional)
  • SPSS: SPSS Server for Integrated MRA Processing (optional)
  • MS: Marshall & Swift MVP Integration (optional)
  • MOORE: Moore Precision Cost Table Integration (optional)

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